Curriculum & Teaching

The mission of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in education is to provide comprehensive and multifarious services to children and young people to enable them to exert their full potentialities and, eventually, to serve the community. We firmly believe in the school motto: “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty and Faithfulness” as the guiding principle in the moral and intellectual development of our children. We strive to promote in them proper values and a positive outlook on life and encourage them to lead a full and meaningful life.

Our mission is to provide children with whole-person education that is child-centred. Through continuous curriculum development and improvement, such as the implementation of picture-book teaching, the Integrated Creative Arts teaching strategy, eco-friendly education, with a variety of activities and uniform groups, we promote children’s learning and growth in every aspect and nurture their potential to achieve whole-person development.

Curriculum Structure and Features

Curriculum planning is centred around children and based on children’s life experiences, abilities and interests. Picture books focusing love are used in class, complemented by an emotion-focused teaching strategy to motivate children to learn, connect with their life experiences and encourage them to be determined and daring.

Training that Unlocks Potential and Multiple Intelligences

We provide children with a range of multiple intelligences activities. The fun and long-lasting learning experiences are effective in nurturing different skills in children and enabling them to unlock their potential in different areas. There are both “quiet” and “active” extra-curricular activities to allow children to unleash their talents, such as recitation, singing, Chinese dance, jazz dance, Latin dance, martial arts and rope skipping. Children will also be encouraged to participate in open competitions to enrich their learning journey.

Uniform Groups for Nurturing Self-Discipline and Obedience

Children can join the Grasshopper Scout, Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol and Happy Bee uniform groups in our school. The uniform group activities teach children about society and health, thus developing children’s understanding of their surroundings and self-care skills. The activities are carried out in a playful and fun way to satisfy children’s curiosity and develop their social skills.

Please Click the following link to view the past school report:

2020-2021 School Report

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